Lifegroups are small groups of middle school students who meet every Wednesday to connect with other students, learn more about God, and have a fun time doing it! Lifegroups are the best way to make friends, get connected in the, and take a next step in your faith.

Q: Where do Lifegroups meet?

A: Lifegroups are on break for the summer, but will return in August 2018!

Q: How do I choose which group to go to?

A: Any student can go to any group, but we have added groups this year to make it more convienient for families. Choose whichever works best for you and your family.

Q: Do students have to register to be in a group?

A: Nope, they just show up, and their leader will get some info from them the first time they attend so they can follow up with them.

Q: Can you bring friends to a lifegroup?

A: Absolutley! They are open to anyone (even if they don't attend Simple Church), and we'd love for anyone who would like to come to be a part of the lifegroup.

Q: Do they provide dinner?

A: Dinner is not provided but most houses provide some kind of snack. Check with your house when you arrive to see what they will be doing. If any parents would like to provide snacks it's greatly appreciated!

Q: What are they being taught?

A: The lessons are DVD based curriculum and changes from week to week.

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