Thank you for being a Lifegroup leader for this semester and investing in middle school students every week! 

We are excited about Fall 2017 Lifegroups!!! THANK YOU!!! Without you Lifegroups cannot happen, we are praying for you and the lives God will bring into your life this semester. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or gifts you would like to bring, please reach out,

Lifegroup Leader Handbook

New Lifegroup Leader? Veteran who needs a refresher? Read through this helpful handbook on what a Lifegroup Leader does, what your hour should look like, and common questions.

Fall 2017 Schedule for Lifegroups

Mark your calendar for the teaching schedule, breaks, and fun events coming up in your lifegroup this semester. Then each week's lesson is below:


Week 1 Kickoff 

The Way I'm Wired Week 1

The Way I'm Wired Week 2

The Way I'm Wired Week 3

The Way I'm Wired Week 4

The Way I'm Wired Week 5

The Way I'm Wired Week 6

Halloween Party Ideas:

Costume Contest Rules

Halloween Never Have I Ever

Halloween Would You Rather

Halloween Misc Game Ideas

12 Days of Christmas Week 1

12 Days of Christmas Week 2

12 Days of Christmas Week 3

Extra Resources

How to Get Teenagers Talking

Having a problem getting your group to talk? Here are some practical tips on getting conversations going in your group! 


Here's a great resource in case any of these questions ever come up:

Answers to Teenagers 50 Toughest Questions